Ben Krause, Jasper den Hartigh

Recorded at rehearsal space and home in Austin, TX.

Somewhere in the year after the Constant Light demo, Ben and I collected apple GarageBand(hereafter GB) demos. I think we felt so excited by the freedom of GB, and not having to think about the minute things, that we quickly ended up with 13 or so songs, and went WOAH, slow down.

These songs were all quite different from Constant Light, and weren’t lining up with a full-band situation. Collaboration is amazing, but I get overstimulated quickly, and a one-on-one focused collaboration helps me more than I ever knew it could. Like many, the Pandemic taught me a lot. Ben was really finding his voice around the time of these demos, and has since already recorded a couple of secret albums for down the line. He has the same mania. 

We culled all that material down to 4 songs that felt like they told a story, and the themes presented themselves. 

As the music over the course of the Compost-Turn lead to a conclusion, we ask ourselves. What is the difference, if you just use your ears? What is synthesized, and what is played live? Does it matter? Are there high falutin’ music concepts here? Does it matter? Did you get there on accident or through theory? It doesn’t matter.

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