Created by William Indelicato on a Make-Noise Shared System while at home in Texas, Between April 2016 and April 2017.

1.invocation 05:152.feed 07:103.grow 09:154.bloom 05:045.wither 05:086.ascension 05:22

Bill is one of my favorite people. Having visits with them is simultaneously relaxing, due to their manner, and exciting, because it feels like we get to talk about the things no one else wants to. Gentle soul that they are, under the Windling moniker, they quietly worked over the course of a year, with the Shared System Modular Synthesizer. These recordings seem to go chronologically from spring to spring, and i think that in the context of the seeming story, that isn’t a coincidence. 

When you consider this body of synth work, along with many more, on his soundcloud, and also along with his varied work on the bass guitar, one can only conclude they are a “true musician.” They have a unique philosophy to find in just about every part of their music work. I don’t want to spoil the mystery, but there is a definite framework under the songs in this collection. I hope if you see or hear a thread, you’ll keep an ear or eye on it.

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