2021 Recordings 

by Mr. Skin

Recorded inside, Austin TX. 

I can’t speak for the author of this project. And they won’t reveal themselves. There are parts of Mr. Skin that paralyze me to listen to. This seems to have just as much to do with letting go completely of your anxieties, or what else ails you, in a place that feels safe. The true enjoyment of making music. 

As a spectator, you seem to be invited to try to decipher what is going on, but this is maybe a bad way to look at it. The beauty is again in the undecipherable mess that happens when comparing intensely digital sound with analog signals, to the point where it blends together, and as you bring the balance back to either side, your ears can’t help you decide which is which. Although, if you’re trying to, you’re probably missing something coming into existence.

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